Who doesn´t love a delicious cheesecake as a dessert, covered with our delicious jams?

Ingredients to the bottom layer:

– 1 packet of Biscuit crushed with lean butter

Ingredients to Cream:

– 1 package of cream cheese
– 1 packet of vegetable sour cream
– 4 sheets of white gelatin
– 4 tablespoons of sugar (for a healthier alternative and equally delicious, we recommend tyou to replace sugar for stevia)


Drizzle the gelatin leaves in cold water and mix them with warmed lemon juice. Then, mix the cheese with sugar, lemon and gelatin. Then, incorporate the whipped cream. Take to the refrigerator until it´s solid and decorate it with the Kiwish Jam and soft fruits.

After this, just savor! Bon appetite!

Crepes com baby kiwi