The Kiwiberry

The origin of the kiwiberry comes from northeastern China, eastern Siberia, Japan and Korea. Containing a smooth and totally edible peel, this Actinidia argute family fruit is consumed in the same way as other soft fruits such as blackberry, raspberry and blueberry.

Addictive, energetic and good regulator of the digestive system.

Do you know that…?

Kiwiberry has 5 times more Vitamin C than an Orange? Twice more Vitamin E than a Banana? The same Vitamin B6 as Spinach?
The kiwiberries contain about 20 nutrients. It is considered a super fruit due to its nourishing properties and high antioxidant values.
Kiwiberry is also an important source of phenolics, usually considered as a very effective source on antioxidants. This fruit is also a great source of potassium, calcium and magnesium.
Originally from Asian Countries, the kiwiberry plants were used in popular medicine to the sintomatic treatment of various deseases, including digestive problems, dyspepsia, rheumatism and hemorrhoids. Sebberal terapies against cancer in China includes the use of this plant.
These potential health benefits and treatment with the kiwiberry are due to its rich nutritional composition and to the fact of the different compounds interact in a synergic way.

This super fruit is a source of vitamins, minerals and beneficial compounds which are essential to a good health.

* Information extracted from scientific article “The Nutritional and Health Benefits of Kiwiberry (Actinidia arguta) – a Review”, Piotr Latocha, in Plant Foods Human Nutrition – DOI 10.1007/s11130-017-0637-y

The Farm

O nosso Pomar.

In the Heart of Portugal´s North Region

Kiwish Farming Operation is located in the heart of the Minho region. Rich soils, mild and humid climate and excellent quality water are unique characteristics of our region and our farm. This environment contributes to the high quality production in caliber, taste and aroma – distinctive elements of our products.
The Minikiwi Farm, Lda. (owner of the Kiwish brand) is a member of the Kiwiberry International Working Group, and we are since the beginning followed by international specialist in kiwiberry production.

Unique Conditions

The farm is protected against winds and has a large sun exposure, which contributes to achieve a high accumulation of natural sugars in the fruits.

The soft climate during spring and summer provides an ideal maturation which is decisive for the brix degree, the final responsible for the quality of production.

The Farm

The planted area is 2 hectares, with 2000 plants, distributed by three varieties – Geneva, Anasnaya and Ambrosia Grande. For Kiwish this is the ideal area for the pampered and high quality monitoring.
The kiwiberry harvest is held between July and October. Depending on the varieties, the baby kiwi in Portugal can be consumed between the end of July and November. It is usually available in 125g cuvettes and ready to be consumed when it is soft – not too hard nor too soft.