About Us

Minikiwi Farm, Lda. is a family-owned farming company.
Our production processes follow integrated production methods of the Global Gap certification that requires a strict control and regular, monitoring of the soil, foliar, fruit, water and environment, ensuring high quality and safety standards to the consumer.

We are small family-owned company focused on making high quality product based on baby kiwis.

At the beginning of the 2010 decade, José and Antonieta Machado started to exploring a new fruit, not widely known by that time: the baby kiwi. As the knowledge and the quality of the fruits increased, the interest in developing handcrafted products from the family kitchen has expanded.
After 6 years, the production process is maintained, in order to ensure the maximum quality of the products. All the fruits used for Kiwish products – blueberry, raspberry, orange, etc. – are carefully selected and purchased from the local farmers.