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Minikiwi Farm
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Kiwiberry Minikiwi farm


with Kiwiberry

At Minikiwi Farm we work with real passion and focus on guaranteeing the supply of the freshest and tastiest products.

All our berries are carefully selected and cherished,

our super berry of choice is the kiwiberry.

kiwiberry Minikiwi farm
As Nossas Berrys Minikiwi farm


Minikiwi farm

Kiwiberry Minikiwi farm


Enjoy the sweetness and juicy texture of kiwiberry, which is full of vitamins and is refreshing for your senses.

morango Minikiwi farm


Celebrate the classic red delight with our fresh strawberries with all their juiciness and aroma.

Mirtilos Minikiwi farm


Our blueberries are tasty and antioxidant, a delicious dip in a sea of rich, healthy flavors.

Amora mini kiwi farm


Surrender to the intensity of our blackberries. These small, juicy and slightly acidic purple fruits.

Groselhas Minikiwi farm


Famous for their sweet and sour taste, they can be enjoyed fresh, in jams or as an ingredient in various recipes.

framboesa Minikiwi farm


Gentle, sweet fruits. You can enjoy them fresh or in recipes, adding that magical touch to your dishes.


Minikiwi Farm

We at Minikiwi Farm have vast experience in producing and
importing small fruits from several countries.
We are a family business and, we are committed to excellence and
and sustainability in everything we do.
Welcome to MiniKiwi Farm, where freshness and quality are more than
a commitment; they are our passion and promise with our customers
and partners.

Our Team

diretor geral minikiwi farm


José Machado

Gerente Minikiwi farm


Antonieta Machado

Chefe do departamento comercial Minikiwi Farm

Purchasing/sales Manager

Ricardo Machado

Chefe departamento de qualidade minikiwi farm

Quality Department

Sofia Machado

Kiwish produtos artesanais premium


kiwiberry kiwish


Each berry from Minikiwi Farm is delicately harvested and packaged to preserve all its properties.

compota Minikiwi farm


Delicious recipes and natural fruit are the heart of these tasty jams.

biscoitos Minikiwi farm


With a soft flavour of kiwiberry, this cookies are crunchy and delicious to eat on all occasions.

mel Minikiwi farm


A unique honey, composed mainly with the nectar of flowers from our farm of Kiwiberry.

licor kiwish


To drink fresh and simple, or mix in cocktails and recipes for a sweet, smooth and natural touch.

fruta desidratada Minikiwi farm


Berries of Kiwiberry dehydrated, nutritious and tasty, to eat as a snack or incorporate into your dishes.