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Minikiwi Farm
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Mini Kiwifarm

Fresh berries, 365 days a year

Growing, buying and selling fresh berries

Minikiwi Farm, growing its own berries or using the best national and international producers, packs and delivers the best quality berries: kiwiberries, blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, blueberries and gooseberries to customers.

Our experience in packing, packaging and transporting fresh food products guarantees that you will receive your berries: in excellent condition, at any time of the year, wherever you are.

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All over the world, we are committed to quality and safety

Minikiwi Farm's location allows efficient use of road, sea (Port of Leixões) and air (Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport) transport, which ensures logistics and distribution throughout the world.

We also have several prestigious international certifications that guarantee the quality, food safety and traceability of our products: Global G.A.P., GRASP, SEDEX, CoC, Organic Distributor, Integrated Production, International Food Standard (IFS) Implementation and HACCP.



Here the Kiwiberry's born

MiniKiwi Farm, Lda has its farm and production in the heart of the Minho region, on an area of 2.5 hectares.

The kiwiberry plantation is located in a region with rich soils, a mild and humid climate and excellent water quality, all of which contribute to a high level of production, with berries that have an intense flavour and aroma.

Kiwiberry is harvested between July and early September, depending on the variety.
As such, it can be consumed (in Portugal) from the end of July until November without compromising the quality.


We reach the whole world first

Portugal is contributing to the growth of kiwiberries in Europe by offering the possibility of starting the campaign about a month earlier.

"While in Belgium and Holland the plants are in flower, Portuguese kiwiberries are already full-grown," explains José Emanuel, CEO of the Portuguese company MiniKiwi Farm, member of the international group of kiwiberry producers, which has plantations in Belgium, Holland, Germany, Austria, Poland, Italy, Switzerland and England.

Our History

How it all began

It was in 2012 that Emanuel Machado, a self-taught researcher and a true scholar passionate about agriculture, decided it would be a good idea to invest in a different agricultural project because, until then, he had only produced wines as a hobby.

When he met agronomists from other countries, he learned about a fruit that was already a sensation in some European markets but was still unknown to the majority of the Portuguese, the Kiwiberry.

Kiwiberry Minikiwi farm

Hooked on the flavour and properties of this "Super fruit", in 2012 he planted his first experimental plantation with 12 imported varieties to test their adaptability to the northern Portuguese climate, which had ideal climatic conditions and soil for growing this product. When he saw the vigour of the plants, he realized that this was the way to go.

As a member of the Kiwiberry International Group, MiniKiwi Farm has the support of international experts, essential elements in the success of kiwiberry production.

In 2023, we felt the need to expand the business and start producing blueberries as well.

Today Minikiwi Farm, Lda, owns the brand Kiwish.

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MINIKIWI FARM Mission, Values and Vision

Our guarantee of quality


Minikiwi Farm, Lda's mission is...

To provide its customers with a variety of quality fresh fruit, focusing on the organization of the "arguta kiwi" sector, bringing and sharing knowledge, and pursuing the conquest of challenging and demanding markets.


Minikiwi Farm, Lda's vision is...

To be producers/distributors of healthy food, in a simple and objective way, without losing quality and focus on the mission of the company.
We want to achieve new markets and establish ourselves as quality partners.
We have suppliers/producers whose products fulfil organoleptic requirements of excellence.


Our values in Minikiwi farm are...

  • Respect for the client,
  • Honesty;
  • Integrity;
  • Dynamism. 
Kiwish produtos artesanais premium


Our commitment to the environment

The Minikiwi Farm produces in Integrated Production mode, with Global Gap certification, which requires continuous control with soil, foliar, fruit and water analyses and strict care of the environment, resulting in a total guarantee of quality and safety for the final consumer.

With a zero-waste concept, we give new life to surplus fruit that is not absorbed by the market by transforming it into liqueurs, biscuits, dried fruit and jams.

Our Method

Selective Importation

We buy fruit directly from producers, guaranteeing quality standards and freshness in each imported batch.


In addition to our own production, we have partnerships with other producers.

Sustainable Practices

We encourage responsible production and efficient use of natural resources.


Minikiwi farm

Annual availability

We guarantee a wide range of fresh fruit during all seasons, thanks to our import capacity from different countries.

Efficient Distribution

We use an efficient distribution chain to deliver products quickly and safely to our customers.

Commitment to Quality

We prioritize quality at every stage of the process, from the selection of certified producers to the delivery to the customer.